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Expressões em português

Hello! Here I'll post some expressions in Portuguese and their translations for English. I hope you like it.

Que pecado - it's something sad or bad

  • Que pecado, não posso sair este final de semana (How sad, I can't go out this weekend)

Se ligar - to someone pay attention or when you know/understand something

  • Se liga, amanhã tenho aula então vou dormir cedo (Pay attention, tomorrow I have class so I'll go to bed early)
  • Eu não gosto de sair à noite, tá ligado? (I don't like to go out at night, do you understand it?)

Rachar o bico - laugh a lot

  • Ela rachou o bico (she laughed a lot)

Tirar onda - when someone is kidding

  • Ele tirou onda durante todo o dia ontem (he was kidding the whole day yesterday)

Show de bola - something really good

  • A festa estava show de bola (the party was really good)

Chutar o balde - give up

  • Ele chutou o balde, disse que é muito difícil (He gave up, he said it's too difficult)

Se dar de conta de/cair a ficha - notice, understand

  • Ela só se deu de conta disso agora (She just noticed it now)
  • A ficha dela não caiu ainda (She didn't understand yet)

Meia boca - something that isn't good

  • sua lição de casa ficou meia boa (your homework isn't good)

Bacana/irado/tri legal/daora - something cool

  • A sua camisa é bacana/tri legal/irada/daora (your shirt is cool) -- "irado" is stronger than the others, is something really awesome

Encher o saco - bother

  • Pare de encher meu saco (Stop bothering me)
November 30, 2015



Here's a cool FB page with a long list of additional phrases. It seems to be from a language school in Dublin, IE. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151051879964615.447658.199215819614


Oh it's really cool! Thank you o/


Wonderful. Not sure how I never noticed that it's "se dar DE conta" and not "se dar conta" which is what I've been saying for like... 10 years. This is just as bad as when I realized "trouxe" was not pronounced "trouche" @__@


Hahaha no problem, we can understand anyway and that's why all of us are here, learn o/ did you see "expressões em português parte 2"? I'll write a third one, but I don't have some examples yet


"que pecado" would mean "what a pity"


Muito obrigada!!!


Good initiative. I appreciate it.


Wow. Good job. Thanks for your help.


Merece o/ If you wanna see more, I posted here https://www.duolingo.com/comment/12010628


Fantastic, thanks so much! Valeu!!!


É muito útil. Obrigada!


Para quando Português de Portugal?


Para quando Português de Portugal?


Just to add: The term 'chutar o balde' doesn't mean to 'give up' (at least where I live). It means 'to snap', like when you're mad at someone or something.


Yes, the feeling can be madness or anger, but I always listened "chutar o balde" with this meaning, "give up" on someone or something (at least where I live).


I find this particularly amusing as a literal translation in (American) English refers to someone dying! ("Oh no. He's not working here anymore. He kicked the bucket.")


Pecado means sin, but in portuguese sometimes it signifies "to make a bad thing (not necessarily evil) ". Que pecado! Quantas pessoas pessoas passando fome agora? E você jogou a comida fora = How sad! How many people are starving now? And you threw the food out.

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