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  5. "Три друга шли по шоссе"

"Три друга шли по шоссе"

Translation:Three friends were walking along the highway

November 30, 2015



Шла Саша по шоссе и сосала сушку.


Does шосса mean only a highway? In Polish, "szosa" means any kind of asphalt road...


Nice tongue-twister :) "Sasha was walking along the highway, sucking a bagel"?


Is "по шоссе" specifically "down the highway"? I wrote "on the highway" and it was marked incorrect.


Me too. But "on" is probably used in English if you're not moving (or at least if it's not important for the story whether you move or not). "I'm on the highway/100th street/fifth avenue", but I'm walking along/down that street... Now I realize that I too have been saying it the wrong way the whole time in English..


They must have been three drunken friends... or is it allowed in Russia to walk along the highway?

Or if it just means road with cars, then road should be accepted. In the UK you would rather say road than highway anyway.


A car drove by and then there were two friends walking along the highway.


This sounds like the beginning of a joke. By the way, is it "друга" because of "Три"?


да. If the last part of the number is three - три, then the genitive singular is used for the following noun. один друг, два друга, три друга, четыре друга, пять друзей, тринадцать друзей, двадцать три друга, тридцать друзей, тридцать три друга, триста друзей, триста тридцать три друга. one friend, two friends, three friends, four friends, five friends, thirteen friends, twenty three friends, thirty friends, thirty three friends, three hundred friends, three hundred and thirty three friends

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why not "three friends were going on the highway


Still not accepted feb 2019. There's definitely no highway for Duo's improvements


Reminds me of "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams"

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