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funny things have happened since I started German

Since i started learning German i have noticed myself doing things i never did before.

  1. I find myself capitalizing ALL my nouns

  2. I find myself leavingoutspaces

  3. I am more inclined to talk in the back of my throat

  4. I dream in German (sometimes)

  5. I find myself spelling with "sch's" where there schould be "sh's"

  6. when I'm tired I flip in and out between German and English

feel frei to schare Similarexperiences below :)

November 30, 2015



Reminds me of this:

Consider my Experiences shared. (geshaert? geschoren?)


Das ist die wahrheit!


Ah, capitalizing random nouns, writing sch, and replacing C's with K's. All the time. I also once started speaking English with a German word order, putting the second verb at the end of the sentence. That can sound very funny in English. I'm sure by now that people think I'm crazy.


Great! You have immersed yourself well in German. I am still awaiting my first German dream.


I tend to write ist instead of it. I also capitalize lots of nouns and some English words sound more German when I talk. Sometimes, when I don't know a word, the German word is the first thing that comes to mind.


ok, your streak, just HOW?!?!?


I am very passionate about language learning and wish to become a polyglot. Working on this every day is the key. And signing up for the site not too long after its launch.


I dream in German a lot now, too! I think that is a good sign!


Learning languages on Duolingo (German in particular) has actually improved my English! I find that I am much more conscious of proper usage and phrasing, and that my speech has become more efficient and precise.


Genau! Especially when I spell drink, and it comes out trinkt. Sometimes I yell at my friends in random German, just to practice.


Hahaha! head explodes that is so funny!


We are in the same boat lol I speak 4 languages all fluent and this is my 5th you can't believe how confused I am :D


Where did you buy your brain from?


people look at me funny when I call Santa "Christmas man"


This made me laugh out loud. Thank you!


I take an immersion class and I heard my German teacher speaking English when she was actually speaking German. The two languages are starting to sound indiscernible to me.

Ich träume auf Deutsch auch aber die Leute verstehen mich nicht.


That's really good!

My mother's first language is Spanish. When I would have a friend over and my mom would say something to me (in Spanish), my friend would ask me what she said. I would be confused for a second as to why they didn't understand until I quickly realized that my mother was speaking a different language.

In comprehension, my brain absorbs English and Spanish the same way, and sometimes I don't remember what language I had heard something in, I just retain the information.


And it turns out that your one of best free activity is to translate sentences from your native language or english to german.. And you get dizzy with delight when you spot a sentence that contains words which you know exact translation of them in german... You relax and sound its German version loud :))


My instinctive word for something awful has been "Furchtbar!" for years.


So funny, I have some of the same problems! Sch's, German dreams, and K's instead of C's. I've also started replacing simple phrases with the German versions in conversation "was ist das?" It also takes me a little longer to figure out what's wrong, when I start typing a text and my iPhone keyboard is still on the Deutsch version.


I do that with the keyboard ALL the time. It usually takes about two words of autocorrect giving me something crazy before I realize it.


Yep, when I am trying to type in a password and it's not accepted, it's usually because I forgot my keyboard was set to German.


oh yes "was ist das" i do that all the time! also "wie geht's?"


For some reason I cannot spell sun anymore without thinking. I automatically put Sonne because it makes more sense to my brain, then change it to son before realising its still not right


That's really strange, sun is super hard for me to spell too. it just looks so wrong on paper.


I dream in Spanish sometimes! coincidence?


i've heard that dreaming in your target language is a good sign. it means you're really learning.


I've dreamt in German once... but it was pretty quick. It felt about as long as 3 seconds. But I know it was more than that.


I find myself out of nowhere gaining a slight German accent that my friends and I immediately notice.


I have had Portuguese pop up in my dreams! :D Also randomly Italian makes an appearance, so maybe that is a sign I should pursue that more!

It might also be because I watch a Spanish telenovela with Italian main characters. They speak Spanish but here and there they'll use Italian like "ciao" "certo" "bene" "sorrella" "ragazza" and "Pietro"(instead of Pedro) :P


from Turkey, when I decided to learn German language, I said myself how I would do the learning task. then I see the Duolingo that It is one of the best site in order to overcome this issue


German is my third language. It is actually much easier than I thought I would be. I do dream in German sometimes but I am still pretty beginner.


I took German for years in school. I think that once I get a hang of the cases, I'll be more comfortable with it. The complicated grammar is what really gets me :/


In addition to all what you mentioned, I started speaking English by forgetting and replacing English words with the German ones. Examples, "street car" (Straßenbahn) for "tram", "hand bag" (Handgepäck) for "carry-on bag", "hello together" (Hallo Zusammen) for "Dear All" in email, "I drive to Hamburg by train" for "I go to Hamburg by train" and many more.


Hahaha this is SO true, and so incredibly funny.

I'm always mind-blown when I learn words that are similar between my mother tongue (Hebrew) and German, just because German and Hebrew are so far apart. Like, the other day I learned that "sip" in German is Schluck, exactly like in Hebrew! Same with "Splashing" - Spritzen. But I guess it makes sense, as these are words that penetrated Hebrew through Yiddish (which is a mix between Hebrew and German, undoubtedly making it the funniest language in the world).


I do number 5 all the time! It is truly annoying when I am writing in English and then suddenly words like "publisch" or "Englisch" appear :)


Ich auch! Ich kann nicht in Englisch schreiben... Just kidding, I can. But, I always have to use autocorrect...


Ich traume auch im Deutsch! Regularly!!!!


hey does anyone know a link to a site which has childrens stories in German? someone here shared the link a while ago but i seem to have lost it :(


You might want to look up Grimms Fairy Tales in German. Also, here's a link to a bunch of videos in German with German subtitles. It's great practice! :)



Someone posted somewhere a link to Grimms Fairy tales; I thought I'd saved the link, but can't find it. I downloaded "Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten."


I really love learning the language


I also have these experiences, and sometimes when I write something in Englisch instead of German or the other way round, at first glance I don't understand 'why is the answer wrong??', because some words sound so similar :P :D I also learn Japanese (not at Duolingo yet) and occasionally expressions pop up in my mind in Japanese, and I have to think hard how to translate it to English/German :P

By the way, about writing stuff together without space- do you know the story of the Hottentottenmutter? I heard it from one of my classmates. http://www.thephotoforum.com/threads/german-for-the-beginners.24565/


I started spelling apple wrong, haha. I write it as Apfel or just incorrectly spell it as appel because I am so used to the German word and its ending is el.


Apfel is my favorite word for apple! :)


apfel club here, too......it is the primary proof that german is not that harsh


Fun Fact: when you write "appel" you're actually using the dutch word for Apfel/apple


That is funny, I've experienced a lot of those too. I have noticed things that I have been saying wrong in english. Learning German has definitely improved my grammar and pronunciation of english.


I'll occasionally "talk" to myself in German. When my daughter was taking German in high school, she and I used to toss a few German phrases back and forth with each other. I never asked her if she did that with her daughter - I know she took German in high school, too.


have just started btw can you help me in sorting some problems


i'd be happy to help with what i know:)


i found my self out of control


I sometimes dream in German, too. It doesn't make sense to me there either :(


That is just amazing! LOLZ


es ist schön in deutsch zu träumen.


I'm just kidding. It's not creepy. Just incredibly funny!


I have found myself saying something in German sometimes to my friends, and their always like "What did you say again?" and I just say it in English, remembering that they don't speak German. Oh, and I am only like 14 percent fluent in German right now....


I've done #1 a lot and I've been catching myself doing #2 lately. I also hear the Duolingo voices in my head throughout the day when I see or experience something I know the word for, or sometimes just randomly for certain words I like the sound of.

Actually I've had a tendency to capitalize nouns for years before I ever started learning German so it feels very natural and right to me. Must be in my blood or something.


Lol. O do the same, only in French. I live in the US, speaking English, but learned French in school. I now called my college student a Uni student and keep telling people, Danke. When they look at me blankly, instead of remembering where I am (I bought a house I. Germany), I just ask, “Alles gut?” ❤️

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