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Make Cyrillic be default.

I am studying Ukrainian in addition to German. My problem is that the alphabet seems to default to Latin transliteration whenever I switch from German to Ukrainian. This is annoying because I don't want to use the Latin alphabet, I want to use the Cyrillic alphabet -- which I have learned now.

So my question is this: Is it possible for me to make Duolingo (Дуолиґо :P) default to Cyrillic when switching back to Ukrainian? If not, is this the proper discussion to report this issue/feature request in?


November 30, 2015



I suggest that all the Latin-based language courses uses Cyrillic as a default as well, especially those for speakers of Cyrillic-based languages. Мост Енглыш спикерс вил уидерстанд ват иэ виттен регардлесс ов ди скрыпт южд...рыйт?

...Of course not. Thus I agree that Cyrillic should be the default for Russian and Ukrainian, as it only makes sense. Just like the Latin-based languages should be learned using Latin script.


I have the same problem in Ukrainian and in Russian as well. I wish they would request our preference in the Settings, but then it would probably affect all the courses which have the option of Cyrillic. Right now you can set them individually per course, but I wish too that we could set it for each course or for all of them until we want to change it again, instead of having to change it each time we are opening the course. It doesn't take me that long to change it back as when you click on a lesson, the page has the button on the top left. Сlick on Aa to change the button to Яя. I agree that it is annoying that we cannot choose the default.


It looks like they put Latin on the left, not the right. I think it is dumb to make it default. You shouldn't just learn a language without learning the alphabet :(


I guess they figure that people who don't know the Cyrillic alphabet will be lost at first, but people like us who were smart enough to learn the alphabet already will be smart enough to use the button to switch back to Cyrillic. I hope that everyone learns it and everyone requests a better way to choose this that lasts longer than one session. I suppose if we weren't learning more than one language we might not have this problem.


Well another thing is that the first 3 courses in Ukrainian are just for learning the alphabet, so there is no excuse for being lost :D


Yes, but I meant while you are still learning the beginning lessons: at first. Some people may feel that a new alphabet is overwhelming the first time they learn a new one. I had already learned Greek and Sign Language alphabets. Still, I would love for them to ask at the beginning of the course which we would like and keep it until we changed it.

They ask at the beginning of the course if we want to take a test (in case we know some of the language and want to test out of some of the course) or start with the first lesson. Of course, that question comes once and if you change your mind, it is too late.

Perhaps it would best be a setting like whether you want the sound effects or not and you can go back and turn on or off the microphone depending on whether you are in a place where you must have the sound off for now.

I would like it that way, but I suppose for some people who try Cyrillic before they know it, they may want to switch out during the lesson, so perhaps they could keep the switch on the lesson page for them. So I just need a Cyrillic "override" button in the settings, to make it the default. Perhaps name it the "Original script as default" in case they ever get around to releasing Greek, Arabic, Japanese, Korean.......etc.


Well they could simply add the transliteration in the tooltip when you peek, instead of giving the false impression you can learn a language without knowing its alphabet I guess. This functionality makes absolutely no sense in my opinion.


A lot of people have the same issue with the Russian course. It is silly, IMO, to make the 'default' a version of the language that is in totally the wrong alphabet :-/

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