Help bring back the Words and Immersion tabs for Dutch!

In the announcement of the upcoming Tree 2.0 release (, the volunteers involved with producing the course explain that they are not Duolingo staff developers and thus they cannot work on website features, like the Words (vocabulary) and the Immersion tabs. Numerous threads and comments have complained about the lack of a vocabulary list in the Dutch course, and some people have stopped using Duolingo because the developers don't seem to respond to the needs and requests.

In a spirit of charity, I suppose they do not read all the various threads in all the various courses, so perhaps they haven't heard the requests at all. Therefore, I suggest we group together and write to the developers directly and ask them to give us the Words and Immersion tabs. PLEASE: be kind when you write to them. Remember, developers are real people with real feelings, too. Write to them, every day if you can, but write nicely, asking politely that they add the Words and Immersion tabs to the Dutch course.

If you don't want to write something yourself, you can copy and paste this text:

I am a student in the Dutch (from English) course, and I would like to see the Words and Immersion tabs made available for learners in this course. I understand that only the developers can add these features to the website. Students have been requesting these features since the course hatched online last year. Please add the Words and Immersion tabs and other vocabulary related features (verb conjugations, topic-specific vocabulary lists, etc.) to the course! Thank you for your consideration.

You can find the developers here: The page has avitars of the Duolingo staff. Click on each avitar, then write something on his/her activity line. Or access each staff member here:

The Design Team: Beth Greg Tyler Sean

The Engineers: Brooke Max David Matt Karin DTA (David) Tony Hideki Antonia Burr Art Caitlin Franklin

The QA Team: Hector

The Community Team: Myra Kristine Rémy

Leadership: Luis Severin

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