"В лесу птицы."

Translation:There are birds in the forest.

November 30, 2015

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Why is "the birds are in the forest" marked as incorrect?


They are different sentences. Word order matters. This sentence specifically says "There are birds in the forest." To say "the birds are in the forest", you'd have to say "птицы в лесу". This sentence is about what stuff is in the forest, not about the birds themselves.


i have the same question


Is the speaker saying птица or птицы? It sounds to me like the former, especially in slo-mo.

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    What's wrong with "There are birds in a forest"? One wouldn't say that very often, but grammatically speaking, wouldn't this suffice?

    A poem commenting on the meaning of life and it's relation to social media: There are birds in a forest/ And people in a city/ All they do/ Is tweet, tweet, tweet


    I agree. I reported it. Word order mostly changes emphasis in Russian. The new or important information goes at the end of the sentence. The birds are in the forest could be В лесу птицы or Птицы в лесу depending on the emphasis intended. That being said, "there are birds in the forest" could also be a correct translation depending on the speaker's meaning, for example, a general statement indicating that there are birds in the forest. В лесу есть птицы, on the other hand, might be the answer to a question like "что есть в лесу?" Again, the new information is at the end of the sentence in the answer.

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    В лесу́


    Audio sounds like пицца the т is completely absent


    If this is prepositional case it should be: "В лесе птицы." Right?


    The word «лес» has a special Locative form: «в лесу́».


    When do we use the locative/prepositional? Do all nouns have a locative form? Any rules/hints?


    I believe the notes should have something on the Locative (also known as the 2nd Prepositional). Basically, you always use it with certain nouns (verbs have nothing to do with it) when talking about physical or temporal location with the prepositions «в» and «на». So, for example, «быть в лесу́», but «говорить о лесе», «лежать в снегу́», but «думать о снеге». There is a set of about 150 nouns that use the Locative, some can be found here.


    I am still confused when to / not to use "есть". Would "В лесу есть птицы" work in this case?


    What are the rules for forming plurals


    I just typed "вы лесо птица" because that's what I heard, even though it didn't seem to make sense, and was counted correct.


    почему не "in the forest are birds"?

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