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I (with many others) was distraught when Duolingo did not provide a Spanish keyboard. Looking at various posts I found that that was the case for many languages and many people.

There is a simple solution for every language for those using Windows. Here it is.

<pre>1. Go to the control panel 2. Choose the item that says something about " Time, clock..." 3. Within above choice choose "Language" (It may come up as an initial choice in above item. 4. Choose "Add a language" There will be many from which to choose. 5. There may be various dialects from which to choose (21 for Spanish in Windows 10) 6. Once your language is chosen, you may toggle between it and your primary (or even additional choices) by holding down the Windows key and tapping the space key </pre>

Good luck!

2 years ago


you can just use the keyboard thing at the bottom of the transelate side of the lesson

2 years ago
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You can also choose which input method to use, within the language; this becomes much more important with languages such as Russian (with alternate key layouts) and Chinese (with different input styles).

2 years ago
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