"Дождь ещё идёт?"

Translation:Is it still raining?

November 30, 2015



How would you say "Is it raining again?"?

November 30, 2015


Опять идёт дождь? Снова идёт дождь?

November 30, 2015


would a native speaker commonly (as in often, frequently, naturally, in every day type speak, ever use "Дождь идёт ещё?" or is "Дождь ещё идёт?" a type of "set phrase" that is almost exclusively used? Thanks in advance

October 1, 2018


And how would you say "Is it raining yet"?

February 2, 2016


дождь уже идёт?

March 5, 2016


So the more literal translation is "Is the rain still going?"

April 24, 2019


I thought this was "it is it still going to rain." What makes this actually, "is it still raining?"

April 8, 2016


If I understand English phrases right then "it is still going to rain" is все еще собирается дождь or дождь все еще собирается пойти (the rain didn't started yet) and "is it still raining " is дождь еще идет or все еще идет дождь (the rain have already started but haven't stopped yet).

April 20, 2016


Does the word order matter here?

September 23, 2018


I dont understand why in russian they use a noun and in english a verb. Can someone explain me that?

August 17, 2019


Each language has its own logic. It is a general fact you have to accept and even welcome, when you learn foreign languages. It is much more fun that way. Why do you say "help yourself" in English? In most languages, it doesn't make sense. You help others, not yourself :) There's a different verb for things you do for yourself.

September 14, 2019
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