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A small error

Hello... I just noticed a minor error in a skill!

In the While/When unit Tips & Notes section, and also on the "you have strenghtened the unit blah blah" there is a mention to a "-iken" suffix.

Buuuut the suffix is -(y)ken...

Thank you for the course again. I plan to regild my Turkish tree in the next weeks. :)

November 30, 2015



Aaaah...here is a slight discrepancy. Historically, the suffix is referred to as -iken and we decided to keep it this way (you will also notice that that is the name of it in the tree). You are right, however, that in modern Turkish the suffix is -(y)ken. We will probably keep it as -iken however as this is how you will see it mentioned in many grammar books :)


Actually, "iken" is not a suffix, but a word. Like "ile". So we should get rid of that dash before it.

Okuldayken = Okulda iken


Yeah... this one was the version I found while searching to make this post... :D


Oh... okay :)

Thank you for the explanation!

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