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  5. "Hur många bilar äger hon?"

"Hur många bilar äger hon?"

Translation:How many cars does she own?

November 30, 2015



Kind of a strange sentence to have in politics, if you ask me.


Depends on your politicians...


The way the lessons work is that they have a set list of words to teach you, so they give you sentences containing these words. Unfortunately, what sentences it picks is random and Duo can't distinguish context, so sometimes it gives you sentences that contain the words on its list but don't actually fit the overall theme of the lesson.


While own and have are commonly interchanged they should not be used in that way. To own something means you have legal title to the item, in this case, the cars. To have something merely entails current possession of the same, not legal title.


Hej då! I found on the dictionary another version of the verb "äga" without the 2 dots. What is the difference between "äga" and "aga"? Tack !


aga means "spank"... quite the difference. :) By the way, you probably mean hej!, since hej då! means "goodbye".


Tack devalanteriel. Yes, there is quite a big difference indeed. Hej då nu! (They say we learn from our mistakes so I am sure I'll never ever do this one again) :))


I hear Hur många bilar är äger hon in the fast audio.


Hej , can I use "have" instead of "own" if no, why


They usually do mean the same thing, but I think the point here is to teach the verb äga specifically. The exact translation of "How many cards does she have?" would be Hur många bilar har hon?


Why is "How many cars does she possess?" not accepted?


Sounds fine to me. Please report it next time. :)

Side note: if she's a ghost, the correct translation of that is Hur många bilar hemsöker hon?

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