"Vi klarer det ikke."

Translation:We're not able to do it.

November 30, 2015

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Would "Vi klarer ikke det" have the same meaning or is that not correct? I'm sometimes confused about the placement of ikke.

Is this a correct understanding:

Jeg tror ikke det = I don't think so

Jeg tror det ikke = I don't believe it



I keep expecting there to be questions on these. Anyway, clarifying, is klare more about other restrictions than actual ability?


It's about ability, not restrictions.


You're a saint for answering all my questions. What's the difference between klarer and kan?


'klarer ikke' means you could try, but you're not really able to do it very well at the moment. So you don't have the ability at the time.

'kan ikke' can have several meanings depending on the context

  • Not having enough knowledge or skill to try (I can't speak greek)

  • Simply being unable to perform the task (I can't fly)

  • In some cases: Not being allowed to (I can't stay up after bedtime)

"Jeg klarer ikke å danse nå" = "I'm not able to dance now"

"Jeg kan ikke danse" = "I can't dance"


You are an amazing person.


Er "We will not make it." en god øversettelse?


I can't explain it in Norwegian but I hope English will do. Firstly, make it usually means survive so that changes the sense a lot. Also that implies doing something and failing. If you however ment we will not do it it doesn't say why you won't and that's the key. We will not manage to do it should pass. Klarer is not exactly about doing something or not but about whether, if you had to, for example, and wanted to you could do it. Precisely it means to be able to. I hope it helped :)


What's with Duo's negativity? Poor guy.

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