"What do you dream about?"

Translation:Hva drømmer du om?

November 30, 2015

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I'm not confident, so i didn't flag it, but would "Om hva drømmer du" be acceptable? Because it wasnt accepted


That would not be correct in Norwegian...


Could I ask why? prepositions are really messing me up in Norwegian


I would say it is not about getting preposistions wrong this time. The usual way to start a question would be to put the hva first (like you would hvem, hvor and hvorfor or hvordan in other questions). So the normal structure would be: "Hva drømmer du om".


Normal and usual, sure. In English, it's perfectly normal to end sentences in prepositions too, but I've always vastly preferred the aesthetic of not doing so. In English I would rarely say "what do you dream about?" and would usually opt for "about what do you dream?". I figured it would be accepted here because a while ago I asked about preposition placement at the beginning of a question (I believe it was "med hvilken hund leker han? (vs hvilken hund leker han med?")) and was told that it was correct (even if unusual). So, I'm looking to know if "om hva drømmer du?" is grammatically incorrect, or just highly unusual.


Well then, I will leave it to one of the moderators to tell you if your phrase is gramatically incorrect. We never got a lot of lessons about grammar in my school, so I won't try to lecture on the finer points of Norwegian grammar.

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