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  5. "Le chiavi sono sul tavolo."

"Le chiavi sono sul tavolo."

Translation:The keys are on the table.

January 9, 2013



I'm pretty sure "chiavi" should have a "K" sound at the beginning and not an "S" sound.


Yeah, threw me off too - I thought it was keys at first but when I listened again it sounded like it had an 'S'.


Well I do hear clearly "Kiavi". However I hear "tavoRo". Does anyone else hear tavoRo and not tavolo? I suppose certain chains of sounds are deceiving for non-trained ears...


Why is it Le chiavi and not I chiavi?


because it's a feminine noun which happens to end in "e" in the singular


Love this app except for the italian speaker. Impossible to translate correctly sometimes. She is putting an s in front of chiavi.


Totally agree. One of the biggest improvements they could make is in the clarity of the spoken recordings.


's'chiavi is another case where the combination of single syllables are forced into complete sentences - one of the big drawbacks of Duolingo in Italian which otherwise is an amazing tool. I sincerely hope that, for complete sentences in Italian and other melodious languages, they consider another approach to the production of the audio.


I thought the feminine plural must end with e ? Why is it chiavi and not chiave ?


All nouns and adjectives (masc. and fem.) that in the singular end in -e, in the plural change their ending in -i
singular. . . . . . . . plural
la chiave . . . . . . .le chiavi (feminine noun)
il fiume . . . . . . . . i fiumi (masculine noun)
grande . . . . . . . . .grandi (masculine/feminine adjective)
veloce . . . . . . . . . veloci (masculine/feminine adjective)


I know I'm a year late, but thank you !


the quick speaker says "chiavi" but the slow speaker says "schiavi"


For real what is a skiavi? I could pass it if i could umderstand it!


Svegliati! Perchè hai lasciato le chiavi sul tavolo?

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