"How would you like your coffee?"

Translation:Wie hätten Sie Ihren Kaffee gern?

January 9, 2013

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Wie hätten Sie gern Ihren Kaffee? seems better to me.


"mögen" is possible as well


I am surprised, "Wie magst du deinen Kaffee?" is accepted. But when you think about it, "How do you like your coffee?" and "How would you like your coffee?" convey the same meaning.


I wrote "Wie hätten Sie gerne deinen Kaffee?" which was accepted. But I'm not sure it should have been.

After seeing the answer I realised maybe "deinen" shouldn't be used with "Sie", and instead "Ihren" is correct. Is that right?

I don't want to complain about getting my answer being accepted, but I'm trying to learn here.


Yes, you're right. It's not correct to change registers mid-sentence. This shouldn't have been accepted.


I dont understand this. What i am seeing is "how had you liked your coffee?" I dont see how that works here.


You're probably confusing "hatten" with "hätten".


So "hätten" is "would have"? And with the "gern" adverb it translates to something like "How would you like to have your coffee?" which basically is the same as "How would you like your coffee?" in more words.

If that's the translation path then I get it... if not, I think I am still confused on this. Apologies.

Edit: How is this different from "Wie moechten Sie Ihre Kaffee?" or is that just another way of saying the same thing? If so, are there any subtle differences here that I might be missing? Or is it completely different?

Thanks in advance.


So "hätten" is "would have"?


And with the "gern" adverb it translates to something like "How would you like to have your coffee?" which basically is the same as "How would you like your coffee?" in more words.


It basically means the same as "Wie möchten Sie Ihren Kaffee?" (Note the 'n') You can use them interchangeably.


Thank you for the clarification!


Why not Wie moechtest du deinen Kaffee


I'm unsure about this, but would "Wie mögten Sie Ihren Kaffee" work?


No, 'mögten' doesn't exist. The Konjunktiv II of 'mögen' is irregular: 'Wie möchten Sie Ihren Kaffee'. http://conjugator.reverso.net/conjugation-german-verb-m%C3%B6gen.html


I typed "Wie möchten Sie ihren Kaffe" which was accepted as incorrect.


I think you should report, because you are right. (as long as you write "Kaffee" with double ee :)


wikiversity is wrong here


Hello. How does one know when to use Konjunktiv I or Konjunctiv II? I got this one wrong because I used the wrong Konjunktiv, but I'm not really sure what the difference is between them.


"Wie möchtest du deinen Kaffee" was accepted


What is the difference between the "gern" and "gerne" forms?

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@MichaelEhr : There's no difference.


How about "Wie würdest du deinen Kaffee mögen?"


As you probably know the "Konjunktiv II" may be used for different purposes like reported speech or as a form of courtesy. We also may use it to express wishes or wishful thinking, conditional sentences or something contrary to reality. Your example is correct but a bit circumstantial given the fact that we don't know the context. You could perhaps say it with a twinkle in your eye to someone who forgot to buy coffee: Wie würdest du deinen Kaffee mögen, wenn wir noch welchen hätten? - How would you like your coffee, if we still had some?


Is it possible something like: "Wie hättest du deinen Kaffee?"


Augh mean! I had three choices and I chose "Wie möchten Sie Euren Kaffee?".

So tricky!


It is a conditional.Hätten means would have.


For some reasons DL did not accept "Wie hättet ihr euren Kaffee gerne?" Any ideas why?


It should; report it. Looks fine to me.


What was wrong with "Wie hättet ihr euren Kaffee gern"? (was in the suggestions)


Nothing. Report it if Duolingo doesn't accept it yet.


But... But... But it was in the suggestion list to choose from! I couldn't even report it because there was no such option after clicking "report", only stuff about the English translation. Are you sure it's correct? I mean, I checked every word and it seems all fine, but maybe there's a trick :)


In that case, leave a free-form report - check the last checkbox next to the empty textbox and then type something into the text-box like "For the English sentence '...' there were the German translations '...', '...', and '....'. I selected '...' and '...' but was told that only '...' was correct. I think '...' should also be accepted." (You should probably mention all answers since they are randomly generated and so the people who read your report don't know which three you saw.)


what's wrong with 'wie hättest du gerne deinen Kaffe'?


The word "Kaffe" (though pronounced that way by many people) should be spelled "Kaffee".

Otherwise your sentence looks fine to me.

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