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How many words in total are in the tree?

I couldn't find an easy way to see that statistic, and I wonder how many total words will completing the tree cover? :)

I'm learning using Memrise (covered about 2,500 words so far) but still unlocking the tree was hard for me (mostly the writing in russian part, my grammar is apparently terrible) so I like taking it from the basics up... even learned a couple of new words!

My main issue is understanding Russian, my wife and many of our friends speak Russian, and many of her favorite movies are in Russian and I really want to be able to understand it. I got to the feeling that this will take years to master (I know my wife for 10 years and started learning Russian about the same time we started dating... still working on it...)

Great additional resource in any case! even if I don't become the next Pushkin :)

November 30, 2015

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The true word count is hard to estimate until I have some time to update our word list :) A lot of material added during the month before the release is still missing. The rough estimate is between 1470 and 1800 "real" words—which counts only words or special expressions but not every single form of every word.

We also have a number of words in (not yet released) bonus skills, which are also not (generally) accounted for in the list of words we compiled.

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