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  5. "Я дала письмо папе."

"Я дала письмо папе."

Translation:I gave the letter to dad.

November 30, 2015



Am I understanding correctly, that this sentence is spoken by a female because of дала?


yeah, my thought was .... with that voice and for this phrase, I reckon that might be a bit of a surprise for many if going on a date


For whatever reason, I have a hard time hearing the TTS say both "папе" and "маме". I never get them the first time bc it sounds like nothing to me.


I couldn't figure out папе either. I thought it was something like поипе, which didn't make sense to me.


I struggled with this as well.

I think it's because dad, папа, is the indirect object and therefore in the dative case.

Letter, письмо, is the direct object of the sentence and therefore in the accusative case. Which is the same as nominate since it is inanimate.


I understood палпе but couldn't figure out that it actually says папе


Why is it "я дала письмо папе" and not "я дала папе письмо"?


Я дала письмо папе: I gave the letter TO DAD (answers the question "to whom? ")

Я дала папе письмо : I gave THE LETTER to dad (answers the question "what? ")

[deactivated user]

    It's making me answer in the feminine...I don't want to develop this habit. Is there something that can be done?


    Very deep voice for a female. Transgender?


    It would be great to have a female voice for this one

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