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  5. "Где столы?"

"Где столы?"

Translation:Where are the desks?

November 30, 2015



Why is "столы" translated as "desks", not"tables"? "tables" is marked wrond.


It seems that the answer tables I acceptable half the time but not the other? Is there any rational basis for this?


Marked correct for me, May 2018


Marked correct as tables or desks? I put "tables." Marked wrong for me, May 2018


That's peculiar. "Tables" was marked correct for me.


I think we really need to know what SamEisele wrote verbatim :


"Where are the tables?", I presume


Marked wrong for me Mar 2019


I also wrote "Where are the tables.", verbatim. "Where are the desks." is the suggested correct solution. There is no option to suggest that my translation should have been accepted. Hence tables are still not accepted. 9th of July, 2019.


Ы You say in world like (I)taly - Италия. Rusian ascent in English is read i like И, but English people say Ы, not i. But you say И in worlds like I (ea)t sandw(i)ch, (E)vening. My English it's not so good. I just study. But I try to explain what the difference in sound Ы and И. I hope what it's help somebody.


I've found easy to learn ы by saying и while pulling the lower jaw backwards. Your lower teeth move backwards and won't be aligned with the upper teeth anymore. The sound will form deeper in the throat while the back of the tongue will partially block the throat.


Personally, as a polish speaker (which also has both of those sounds since it's a slavic language), I noticed that when pronouncing Ы, I just say И with the tongue moving to the back of the mouth and that's the only thing that changes between the two sounds. Idk if that can help when learning but I thought it would be relevant I guess lol


I've also heard Ы described as the sound one makes when punched in the gut, which actually helped me get it!


That actually does help me. Thanks


who tf is stealing the desks


previously, you showed that the plural of 'стол' was 'столи' -- here you show it as 'столы' -- I don't understand the different subtleties. Can you explain more?


There is not "столи" in Russian language. The plural form of "стол" - "столы".


Then there must have been a 'typo' in an answer to a previous question. (not sure how to report it now that I've left it and have now idea how to find it again). Thank you for clearing it up - I was really confused.


If it helps, typically, all nominative plurals end with 'ы'. HOWEVER, if a noun ends with one of these: г, к, х, ж, ч, ш, щ, your plural noun will end with an 'И' instead. That is the exception.

Examples: Кошка -- Кошки (cat female -- cats female) Банк -- Банки (bank -- banks) Нож -- Ножи (knife -- knives) Мост -- Мосты (bridge -- bridges) Пицца -- Пиццы (pizza -- pizzas)


And to clarify, those 7 consonants ARE NEVER EVER EVER followed by 'ы'. That is the spelling rule.


thanks - I had not seen this before


стол (stol) [stol] m inan (genitive стола́, nominative plural столы́, genitive plural столо́в) table; board, fare, cuisine; department, section; throne": From Proto-Slavic *stolъ, from Proto-Balto-Slavic *stálan (“table; seat, chair”), from Proto-Indo-European *sth₂-e-lo-m, from Proto-Indo-European *steh₂- (“to stand [up]”). Related to English stool and stand, Latin: stabulum ("dwelling"), Lithuanian stálas ("table"), Albanian kështallë (“crutch”), Ancient Greek στήλη (stḗlē, “block of stone used as a prop or buttress to a wall”) and also to Russian стул (stul, “chair”, via Germanic).


What other Russian words would add more clarity to help distinguish between the English words "table" and "desk"? Would it be a matter of adding a word for context, such as "kitchen table" or "office desk", or are there synonyms in Russian to стол/столы that would add some context or clarification?


Вот Путин! Где Сталин?


гдЕ сталЫ


I accidentally chose Где столе, and it accepted it. Is столе a word?


Столе is not correct here. It is the prepositional singular, but we need the nominative plural.


Где Столичныйя?


Previously стол и столы translated to table and tables, not desk and desks. I put in tables and it didn't accept it. I guess this shows that the word столы is interchangeable, but then if so, either answer should be accepted. There isn't any other context to suggest it's a desk and not a table.

This is as of February 2020.


Por que não é "tables"?


Which ending in latin alphabet do you use for bi, or, u,


ы is oftentimes transliterated as y, и is usually i, й is usually j


How is it that the first part of the word in the singular is pronounced differently from the plural ? An A in the plural and an O in the singular (стол)


It's because of accent - o with accent is read as o, o without accent is read almost as a. стол has only one syllable and therefore it is with accent. On the other hand столы has two syllables and the accent is at ы. Which means the audio sais it correctly.


Thank you very much for this very clear reply.


Why in this sentence где has a different pronunciation than in other sentences?


I wrote: Where are the tables/desks. Because both possibilities are good...


Where are the tables ?


why not "письменные столы"? desks - письменные столы tables - столы 16.02.2018


I confusedly wrote столе. And accepted it right. It is not, it shouldn't be correct. I gave me 15 minutes of headache and questioning contacts. Столы damn!


I accidentally typed "stables" and it was accepted and told me another translation is "desks" lol


My Russian students all say that desk and table are the same word in Russian. They should know - they all came to the US as adults. Duo must be taking a sentence out of a larger context.


Does auto correct mess up anyeles doulingo experince?


"Where are the tables" worked for me nov 2019


Somehow in this speaking exercises words that end with ы, like столы, or words with у, like у or уже, are marked wrong when i repeat them. Could someone tell me how they're pronounced correctly? Cause apparently my pronunciation is wrong


I put "where's the tables" and it was marked wrong, i see it's a common issue from comments.

However, perhaps it's bc its grammar is off, for mine at least: it should be "are" due to the plurality.

Still understanding is demonstrated due to pluralizing "tables", and besides "where're" is a cumbersome contraction, and i have this compulsion to use as many contractions as i can lol

Regardless I'm here to learn Russian in this lessen, not English grammar. Mine should be deemed acceptable


I was right I put "where're the tables" and it marked it correct


Hmm, it's certainly finding that could be discussed. I personally don't think it should be accepted, because good grammar should always be used in a language-centred program. I guess it would be up to contributors whether or not this should be added as a correct answer.

I do agree that "where're" is absurd; those words should not be contracted.


It teaches then it says it is wrong wtf...


Why is tables marked wrong nd they list it on there. Thnx to them lost a life


Tables OR desks, right?


Marked wrong when I have it exactly right.


what's wrong with this app i wrote tables before and it did take it correct and now wrong both answers are correct and secondly are you drinking examples how am i supposed to know corret answer either ты or вы ? thirdly, this app gives too much advertising and this bother me


What's the difference between столе and столы?


Столы is plural; столе is singular, but in prepositional case.


Perfect, thanks


Ok, so tables is ok as long as you don't put "My tables" cause there is no мои I got tables right


It refuses to recognize "столы" in my speech as correct in this part. So frustrating, I don't know what's wrong


No matter how accurate I say столы it's never accepted


I recorded the app saying столы and played it back and it still doesn't accept it


I put the right answer, but it didn't accept

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