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  5. "Die individuelle Wohnung"

"Die individuelle Wohnung"

Translation:The individual apartment

November 30, 2015



    Meaning it's just one apartment in a group of them? Or an apartment for one person? Or that it's an apartment with a unique style?


    For me, it sounds like a flat with a unique style.

    (A flat for one person I would call "die Einzelwohnung", and an individual flat / a single flat in a group of flats would be "die einzelne Wohnung" for me.)


    To me this sounds like a specific apartment out of a group, but I guess I could imagine it being a one-person apartment as well.


    is dwelling a really bad translation for Wohnung?


      It's a translation I've seen used before (so the meaning is fine), but I think you'd want to have a good reasons for choosing "dwelling" in the English sentence rather than some other word. It's somewhat formal/technical. I wouldn't say, for example, "What's your new dwelling like?".


      I think that in English dwelling is used quite generally to mean "a place where one lives", I was wondering if Wohnung has the same generic nuance or if it refers specifically to an apartment (so that a house cannot be a Wohnung but a Haus)


        According to Duden a Haus can be a Wohnung. But I think the primary/common meaning is more like "house" vs "apartment".

        Note mizinamo's 'first impression' of this sentence as a native-speaker of German.


        What about "the individual home" Doesn't Wohnung mean home in general?


        In my experience, it's nearly always a "flat/apartment", not a home or house in general.

        If I live in a house I wouldn't talk about meine Wohnung.


        In my experience, "Wohnung" nearly invariably refers to a flat (apartment).

        Duden (sense 1) calls this "meist aus mehreren Räumen bestehender, nach außen abgeschlossener Bereich in einem Wohnhaus, der einem Einzelnen oder mehreren Personen als ständiger Aufenthalt dient" -- an area inside a house used for living purposes, separated from its outside and usually consisting of several rooms, which serves as permanent residence for one or more people. (emphasis mine).


        Alealeph in German Wohnung is a place where somebody lives... so appartment is not a translation for the word Wohnung... Although an apartment is a place where people live as well. but Wohnung could be an apartment, or a house or a flat, or even a caravan....Wohnung is a dwelling...a place where people live.more often though when people talk about a Whonung it is usually not a house...(although it could be) it rather is a place smaller than a house... often when peple talk about a Wohnung it is a place they rent... they live there.


        What is the differnece betweeb "individuelle" and "einzelne"??


        I would say that individuell means something like "with a unique style; different from others". It's not a particularly common word in German, I would say.

        einzeln means "separate from others; on its own; individual". (Note the difference between "separate from others" and "different from others".)

        See also jeder Einzelne "every single one"; das muss man im Einzelfall entscheiden "you have to decide that on a case-by-case basis"; Einzelhaft "solitary confinement"; diese Produkte werden nicht einzeln verkauft "these products are not sold individually [but only as a complete six-pack, etc.]".


        Es ist jetzt klar...danke schön :)


        Why is "the distinct apartment" incorrect?


        In appartment is correct. Apartment is American spelling!,


          'Appartment' is incorrect spelling in all variants of English. Can you provide a dictionary reference? Are you sure you're not getting mixed up with French about the double 'p'?


          I am sorry you are correct

          [deactivated user]

            Recently, I've seen DL translate individuel as distinct, unique i.e. not like the others. So I propose

            • this is a different apartment.


            Or "this is a unique apartment". I would say "this is a unique apartment" is a better translation than "this is an individual apartment". "Individual apartment" is not something I've heard. I struggle to think of what it would mean in English ... but "unique" is not high on the list of the things it could mean.


            "Individual" apartment? Should it, instead, be translated as "studio apartment?"


              No, that's got a narrower (and somewhat different) definition. Check out some of the other comments.


              Hovering over the hints for individuelle both 'individual' and 'distinct' are given as answers. Distinct makes more sense to me and I used it, but was marked wrong.



              Duolingo prompts you with "apartment" and "flat" and "home" if you hover the mouse over "Wohnung"

              The hints are not "prompts" or "suggestions" or "answers".

              They apply to the word itself, not to the word in this particular sentence.

              They often contain translations that are not appropriate in the context of the current sentence.

              Do not simply take any of the hints and rely on them.

              so "home" should be accepted.

              That conclusion is not valid.


              What is the matter with the "individuell" adjective? IOt keeps occurring over and over in Duolingo, but I have rarely encountered in real world German texts, let alone English or Italian. All these sentences with "individual" in it seem very awkward and rather forced. What is going on here?


              "The distinctive apartment" seems a pretty unobjectionable translation to me (and more in the spirit of "individuelle" than using "individual"!). Reported...


              single flat (meaning for one person) is wrong so I tried distinct flat (meaning a one off) and that is also wrong.

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