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  5. "Кто придумал телефон?"

"Кто придумал телефон?"

Translation:Who invented the telephone?

November 30, 2015



Александр Грейам Белл.


Это не совсем прав. Антонио Меусси придумал первый телефон.


Does Duo except this answer? I thought about it but didn't try...


yes, alexander graham bell did invent the telephone.


So someone doesn't like my comment. I said it because it's true. Oh well.


Antonio Meucci (Florence, April 13, 1808 – October 18, 1889) was an Italian inventor. He invented of one of the first types of telephone developed a voice communication apparatus in 1857. In 2002, the United States House of Representatives ruled that he invented the first working telephone, although Alexander Graham Bell was first to patent it. (From Wikipedia)


The same thing happened to our Alexander Popov. On March 24, 1896 he showed how to use electromagnetic radio waves, but did not apply for the patent for his invention. When Guglielmo Marconi ( an Italian inventor,electrical engineer and a good businessman as well) was twenty years old, he learned of the experiments of Hertz, Popov, Lodge, Bose, and Tesla. On June 2, 1896, that is, two months and eight days after the first broadcast of Popov, he applied for the patent for so to say his invention...


Actually, "придумал" is more like "thought up". I believe "изобрёл" would have been the more accurate word. Thoughts?


you are right, but in spoken everyday language we are more likely to put it exactly like this: кто придумал -- it is not incorrect and most people would say that


No, I confirm the set expression "кто придумал" with a connotation "invented" is absolutely correct.


Белл? Нет, итальянец Антонио Меуччи придумал телефон.


К сожалению, мир узнаёт того, кто первым запатентовал свое изобретение(((


Он плохой человек


Сова дуо придумал телефон!


я также согласен


"разработал" ? . Кто разработал эту машину? Is that right?


That's more the process of improvement after something has been invented or thought up.


Can you say e.g. кто придумала ?


No, unfortunately not. This is because, grammatically speaking, кто is masculine singular.


"Who thought of the telephone?"


кто думал о телефоне.... В слове "придумал" приставка "при" да, но... в данном случае придумал = изобрел. К примеру, "какой дурак придумал этот закон?" тут уже будет именно придумал.What the fool came up with this law?


As mentioned, in the context of 'invention' the verb 'thought up', rather than 'thought of' is more appropriate.


Why it is wrong? -- Did who invent the telephone?

And why here is not did? -- Who invented the telephone?


'Who invented the telephone?' is correct. You would only use 'did' for emphasis. For example 'If it wasn't Alexander Graham Bell, then who did invent the telephone?

As a native English speaker I sense a slight difference in meaning between изобрести and придумать, since thanks to the example above about law, it's clear laws are not invented, but 'thought up'..

Придумать - to think sth up, to come up with, to make up

Изобрести - to invent

Hope that helps.


Thank you for your answer! Means, that "who did invent the telephone?" - will be right too?


Like I said, only for emphasis and in context (described above).


Why "the" and not "a"?


Because in this case we are talking about a known, and therefore definite, object. It’s the same as saying, ‘we shouldn’t reinvent the wheel’. Since something has been invented it is assumed to be known. If we were to use ‘a’ (indefinite), it could mean any phone (and immediately we need more information). Compare: “Apple invented the smartphone.” “Apple invented a phone that allowed people to interface with a large number of powerful applications via a touchscreen while retaining core functionality.” Hope that helps.


русские парни did

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