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"We used to eat chicken every day."

Translation:Biz her gün tavuk yerdik.

December 1, 2015



I tried "Tavuk her gün yerdik." and was marked wrong. Is the word order too awkward or could it be accepted?


It is actually grammatically incorrect :) You would have to say "tavuğu her gün yerdik." General direct objects will take the accusative case if they are not direct before the verb.


When we are casually speaking, we often change the order of the words but in your sentence, it sound really weird. People will still understand what you are saying though :)


How about "yiyorduk" instead?


Yiyorduk is cont. past tense, which means "We were eating" but, this is the sentence that we say something used to happen we are talking about repeated events and actions in the past, usually things that happened a long time ago and are now finished.


"We used to eat chicken every day." Translation: Biz her gün tavuk yerdik.


Her gün tavuk yerdik.

Correct other Turkish answer accepted by Duo.

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