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Streak Freeze issue - I did not miss any days [bug]

This time I was here every day. I did a lesson yesterday & today & before that I was here everyday for 20+ days.

Everything was fine this morning - my streak was still in place, my streak freeze was still there - ie, I didn't need to buy a streak freeze because I had checked in daily.

Well, today, just now I came back from the movies, and I see that I have to buy another Streak Freeze (!!), but I had missed no days!


Please return my Streak Freeze back to me as I have not missed any days!

December 1, 2013



It appears you did not complete any German lessons Friday or Saturday.


Hi Luis, ty for answering. I know I did German but I did not get things correctly, so it didn't count?. So, to be clear, it has to be German (or the one language that you click as being your main learning language) that I need to do in order for the site to give me credit for that day / each day (?), and to make sure my 22 day streak extends? It has to be German, right? Because I was able to complete a Spanish lesson & did not do German that day since German is much harder for me. I thought I'd be able to just do a Spanish lesson to extend my streak instead. So, to be clear, it needs to be German as I checked the "I know English I'm learning German" click on the account page? And then I must complete at least one German lesson a day for it to be extended?

Thx in advance.


Your total streaks as indicated after the flags (22) remains (and you get +1) when you get at least one point in one of the languages, it does not matter which. The streaks in the languages remains only when you get one point in that language. When you want to keep your streaks in each language, you have to do an exercise in each language, with at least one point. An exercise without points doesn't expand your streak in the language or in the total streak.


Hi, Duolingo, I put this up 12 hours ago and I still don't have my Streak Freeze back. Could you look into this please?


It says when I hover over it "Streak extended today" - I did NOT miss anything yesterday! I woke up and did a Spanish lesson!!!! Please fix this! I did not need my streak extended because I never BROKE my streak!


Now the "streak" is no longer extended but the streak freeze I paid for with lingots is now gone. Please put my streak freeze as being equipped since I paid for it. TY.


Same happened to me with Swedish. ? It's only 10 lingots - but don't want to happen again. What's the deal?

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