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  5. "Где парк?"

"Где парк?"

Translation:Where is the park?

December 1, 2015



Is there a difference in Russian between "Where is the park?" and "Where is a park?"?


no, there is no difference. cause we don't use articles at all


If there is any possibility of ambiguity natives will use additional words or paraphraze the sentence to make it clear. If you ask somebody about any park nearby you can say "Где здесь поблизости какой-нибудь парк?" If you meen some specific park that was discussed before you may say "Где этот парк?" If you are telling some story/novel and it starts in some park you may say "В одном парке..."


Identifying questions are becoming easier when you get used to the sounds.


I thought park was spelled парк


Yes, park is spelled парк. I'm Russian, believe me ))


What is the difference between "где находится парк?" and "Где парк?"


If aliens had stolen the park at night you would not say "где находится парк?", you would say "где парк?" In most other cases there is almost no difference.


Some body show me where is "A" in sentence.


The translation is into English. "Where is park" makes no sense in English. You need an article in front of "park", for example "a" or "the".


a small problem, in questions like this, where you are supposed to type in Russian, no Russian keyboard is provided, you do accept phonetic translations as a spelling error, but that doesn't really help with learning Russian, there are off site keyboards, or you can buy a Cyrillic keyboard but both are a hassle to deal with, you could just put buttons with all the Cyrillic letters, though i am no programmer and i don't know how difficult that would be. this is just an idea for future updates.

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