"What effect does coffee have on sleep?"

Translation:Hvilken virkning har kaffe på søvn?

December 1, 2015

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Virkning = effekt?


Could it be translated like this: "Hva er kaffes virkning på søvn"

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    Why is the English sentence not : What kind of effect... Seeing as it's 'Hva slags...'?


    In English, there is a distinct difference in meaning between "which effect (of a given set already discussed or known from context)" or "what effect (any answer is possible - especially one the person asking the question may not have thought of or be aware of)". Does this distinction not exist in Norwegian?


    There is not really any distinction unless specified in this case ("Hvilken/Hvilket/Hvilke av de nevnte" = "Which of the mentioned"), or it may be understood by context.


    Iblant sover jeg bedre når jeg drikker kaffe før søvn

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