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  5. "Where is our motor?"

"Where is our motor?"

Translation:Где наш мотор?

December 1, 2015



Why does наше switch to наш? Is it because of word placement?


Наше is the first person plural possessive pronoun for neuter singular nouns (наше яблоко) and наш is for masculine singular nouns like мотор. Both of these pronouns are in the nominative case. For a complete declension table of this pronoun look here.


двигатель also means motor.


Is this sentence not genitive because it is talking about possession? shouldn't it be "наша" instead of "наш"?


"Мотор" is a masculine noun, so it combines with наш. The Genitive is, to put it simple, a form of a noun. Sentences do not have a case.

You can use the Genitive to in structures like "a part of the motor" (часть мотора) or "the size of the motor" (размер мотора). These often correspond to "of" in English—or, indeed, a possessive structure ("the motor's size").

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