"Вот ваше молоко."

Translation:Here is your milk.

December 1, 2015

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sorry, maybe it is already explained...but I do not understand why we don't say ваш молоко ... but say ваше молоко... is молоко a neutr word and is this why we say it this way ? so there are 3 types ... ваш / ваше / ваша ...is this it ?


You're exactly right! Ваш is the masculine, ваше the neuter, and ваша the feminine pronoun. There is also ваши which is for all plural nouns.
Молоко is indeed a neuter word.


Thank you, now hand over th cow


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Is this implying that the statement is directed at multiple people? Or is milk considered plural? Aka, why not твоё instead if ваше?


In the En->Ru translation, твоё would work equally well here because there is no context about who the statement is directed at. Using ваше implies that the statement is directed towards multiple people or one person with whom you use formal speech.


can this mean "here is your milk" as in singular formal you?

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    What is the difference between твоё and ваше?


    Твоё is informal singular pronoun and ваше is formal singular or plural pronoun. It's the same as the difference between ты and вы


    So, ваше and ваши are homophones, am I wrong?

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