"Ikke avbryt meg!"

Translation:Don't interrupt me!

December 1, 2015

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God, her pronunciation...


I've also seen 'avbryt' used as 'cancel'...?


Yes, for example the "cancel" button on a computer is usually translated to "avbryt". But it's not appropriate for every use of "cancel" in English: "these two factors cancel out" I would instead translate to "disse to faktorene utlikner hverandre"


suddenly ikke is the first word in the sentence. is this for imperatives only?

can i say "avbryte meg ikke" but not "avbryt meg ikke"?


Ikke comes before the verb when it's the imperative.


I feel strongly that the ikke/verb inversion rule is something that could have been mentioned in the Tips & Notes section for the Imperative skill. Obviously, we learn it pretty quickly early on in the lessons, but it would have been good to have had a bit of forewarning, especially since it seems to be a universal rule (no exceptions).

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