"The cat does not eat the dog's food."

Translation:Katten spiser ikke hundens mat.

December 1, 2015



Is 'eter' another way to say 'eat'?

December 1, 2015


yes. spise is more common though. Ete is from Norse, spise is from Latin. Spise is more commonly used in eastern Norwegian dialects, but both are bokmål

December 1, 2015


What's the difference in the forms: "hunds mat" and "hundens mat"?

March 29, 2018


en hunds mat = a dog's food
hundens mat = the dog's food

May 27, 2018


'Katten spiser ei hundens mat' was one of the correct answers.. I don't understand that. Is 'ei' some kind of negative?

Second thing, I haven't reached the 'negations' lesson yet (if there is one) and I'm trying to learn the rules myself. I wrote 'katten spiser hundens mat ikke', which is obviously wrong (felt right tho), however my second question is - does the negation always follow the verb or is that kind of positioning alowed in some cases? thank you

January 14, 2016


Okay, so there's a lot to address here:

First ei is an old synonym for *ikke. You can generally avoid it altogether, though its good to be aware of its existence.

Now, when you have a negator with an object of the sentence, the word order will vary based on whether the object is a noun or a pronoun. If it's a noun, the negator precedes the object:

Jeg drikker ikke mjølk.

When it's a pronoun, it follows the pronoun:

Vi liker han ikke.

I will note that you can put ikke in front of the pronoun, but that is only when you are trying to emphasize the pronoun as opposed to another:

Vi liker ikke him. - "We don't like him [but we do like somebody else].

So in this case, you want Katten spiser ikke hundens mat. because hundens mat is a noun.

Bonus word order fact: a negator will precede an adverb:

Jeg snakker ikke raskt.

August 12, 2017


Ei thing caught me completely off guard. Many thanks for a detailed explanation (to a years old question I had^^, and which I had completely forgotten about) Have yourself a lingot, good Sir.

August 12, 2017


Er "mat til hunden" eller "maten til hunden" ok?

December 31, 2018
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