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  5. "Yes, I am already going."

"Yes, I am already going."

Translation:Да, я уже иду.

December 1, 2015



I put: да, я иду уже and was marked incorrect. Why does the word order matter. Is the meaning different when words are in different places?


In Russian, adverbs are usually placed before the verb they modify. However, in many cases the position of an adverb does not impact the meaning ... ‧ masterrussian.com/adverbs/introduction.htm

The default position for most adverbs is before the verb or adjective they modify, especially if they are short, single adverbs. ‧ ‧ However, adverbs may turn up anywhere in the sentence, but initial position is reserved for emphasized adverbs. ‧ ‧ www.alphadictionary.com/rusgrammar/wordorder.html


I had the same answer. Not certain on word order yet.


What about "да я уже хожу" ?


Only if you mean "going and coming back repeatedly" in the present.


I am wondering the same thing.


Я иду can be both to walk and to go?


Yes, think of it as “to go by foot”.


Еду and иду mean the same thing? I accidentally put еду and it said there was another translation. It did not say i spelled it wrong. G Translate wasn't much help on the topic

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