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"Lei mangia pollo ma non mangia pesce."

Translation:She eats chicken but does not eat fish.

January 9, 2013



how is she eats chicken but she does not eat fish.. wrong.. ?

[deactivated user]

    Duolingo's set of translations is not complete: just report your correct translation through the 'report' button and it should be added.


    I wrote 'she eats chicken but not fish' so presumably it would be fine to say in Italian 'lei mangia pollo ma non pesce'?


    Why is there no article before pollo and pesce? In an other example I lost one heart


    When you talk about kind you use no articles. As" I like travelling by trains"


    it is also because it is generalisation, not a specific fish or specific piece of chicken.


    Is there a shorter version of saying this in Italian like there is in English i.e. She eats chicken but not fish?


    That's what I said too!


    Why couldn't this also be the polite You? As in... "You eat chicken but not fish".


    For some reason DL is really bad at this. The formal you is sometimes capitalised 'Lei' but this is not required so you are correct.

    I am not an expert Italian speaker but I noticed last time that I was in Italy that people in shops generally referred to me as 'Lei', so it is still in common use. I used 'Lei' in return.

    I was told that older strangers can be offended if intially addressed as 'tu'. DL seems to treat the formal 'you' as archaic, like the English 'thou'.


    I think that could be correct, lei = you (formal)


    Just a second ago she said we wouldn't eat chicken because she wanted fish!


    Guys this new edition of the voice recognition software really sucks. It used to not recognize simple sounds but now it's blanking on whole multi-syllable words. I repeat, whatever the changes in the last couple of days, they have made things in the voice recognition world much, much worse.


    I wrote -she eats chicken but she does not eat fish- And was correct 06/2018


    Why is she eats chicken put does not eat fish wrong


    I'm writing the correct answer and it marks me wr


    Doesn't is the contraction of.. does not


    This answer does not require a second "does"


    This sentence was really familiar to me as a native greek speaker. We also use "ma" as but on a sentence (but in greek allá is more usual than ma when you say "but" though)


    "She eats chicken, but she does not eat fish." should be equally acceptable, yes?


    How is she eats chicken but she doesn't eat fish wrong?


    The audio is so fast, do Italian actually speak at that speed?


    I translated 'lei' to she, but got an error saying it should be 'you'. That does not make sense.

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