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"Nosotros vamos a nadar en la piscina."

Translation:We are going to swim in the pool.

December 1, 2015



In so many other exercises, en = "at", but not here! What if "we" are en la casa, and have to travel a kilometer or so to get to the public pool?


I don't know why Duo keeps using the ir future in the module on future tense, when there is a separate module on the ir future which basically repeats those exercises until I wanted to break something. In Other Words (IWO), I got it when I learned the ir future; I'm here to learn the actual simple future tense, so it seems really annoyingly peculiar that I'd have to do the ir future exercises again.


What's wrong in saying "at the pool"? What if I'm going to swim IN a fountain of chocolate that's AT the pool? :P


Why cant it be 'Vamos a nadar en la piscina' is 'nosotros' really needed?


Con el gato por supuesto.

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