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Can students in the same classroom follow each other?

Hi, I have created a classroom with my friends so we can follow each other's progress comfortably and use the other features of Duolingo for Schools. However, even though I can see their progress (as I founded it and thus am 'the teacher'), they can't see the progress of the others and mine.

Is there an option to enable 'equal' roles in the classroom, so we can all follow each other's progress?

Thank you for your answer, and for all the work you're doing for this project :)

December 1, 2015



What about if they all became teachers? It is a bit cumbersome, but that way you can all follow each other. You would all have to join each other's classes.

That's a great way to study together! Love your idea!


That might be possible, but it's not very practical, especially when the class grows larger :-/


Interesting use case, Inferio! We'd like to think about how to better motivate students within a class (possibly by giving them more info about peers) - for now the somewhat cumbersome workarounds suggested might be a solution for you and your friends to supplement the simple Duolingo follow feature. Happy learning and stay tuned for more updates to Duolingo for Schools.


A quick and easy solution would to make an account that you all share as the teacher account.


But that would mean re-logging all the time for everybody, wouldn't it?

[deactivated user]

    have you tried going here, and adding your friends' emails as additional teachers? That should work.

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