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"Der Verkäufer besitzt den Laden."

Translation:The salesman owns the store.

December 1, 2013



Why would a shop assistant own any store?


Verkäufer literally means 'seller', in German, incidentally, this is also how they refer to people working in stores (shop assistants).

I believe the correct translation to this sentence would be 'the seller owns the store' and then, I believe, it would make sense


Right!? I would translate "verkäufer" as Shopkeeper, rather than Shop Assistant, in this case.


Shopkeeper was accepted. Sept 24 2019


Good question. It either creates an usual situation, like a shop owner who likes to hire someone else to manage while he takes care of sales, or it's an issue of translation or interpretation. Why would anyone use "shop assistant / sales clerk" to translate Verkaufer when it's the actual owner. The best translation, overall, I'd say would be "salesperson."

Or, the American "sales clerk," being less a subordinate position, simply refers to a specific sales clerk who is not only the senior one, but is also the store owner. The question then for the Brits would be, is shop "assistant" much less emphatic on that part of the word through usage, so that it's meaning is actually more in the sense of a salesperson in a store?

Or else it could be a co-operative shop, in which several shop assistants / sales clerks are actually ALL co-owners, and that's my favorite answer.....!


Even if the shop owner hires someone to do most of the work, that person is still, by definition, assisting the owner, since the owner is in charge and is fully responsible. The owner can order the person to do the work, which an assistant can't do. And the manager can't order the owner to do anything, even if the manager has full responsibility for operations.

If there were such an arrangement, the manager could fire the owner, who would go back to being the manager's boss.


I fully agree with you


Exactly. Duo is definitly wrong here.


Because a shop assistant assists customers not an employer. Therefore a store owner can work in their own shop assisting customers themselves


I thought "Verkäufer" would mean sales person or seller (versus buyer). Really surprised to learn that sales clerk is shop assistant in UK. I'm learning more English here than German!

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What is the difference between the shop assistant and the sales clerk?


I can't see any difference, except that in the UK, they would use "shop assistant" (NEVER sales clerk), and in the US it's often "sales clerk".

Maybe there is another difference that I'm not aware of...


"The seller owns the shop" was not accepted, but "salesman" was. They should add "seller" as an accepted answer....


Agree. I read this as though it were spoken in a consignment store. The seller (of this particular item) owns the shop. Made perfect sense to me.


Regarding all the comments here: "Verkäufer" also could mean the person who is sitting in the counter currently (although the exact word would be "Kassierer"). So this sentence makes sense e.g., in a small town where somebody is doing the cashier job and then a friend is telling to a visitor: "The cashier owns the shop(, by the way)".


"The seller owns the shop" was not accepted. Does anyone know why?


The seller = der Verkäufer The owner of a shop is called “the manager” , in German: der Manager and in Dutch: “de gerant” Why using in German: der Verkäufer? and not “der Manager” ? In big shops or Supermarkets the owner is a company with a general manager and above him the share holders. But the word “shop assistant” gives me the impression that in this shop only is working one single person....


that's right!
If the seller is also the owner, then it is one and the same person. I am native german speaker. (Wenn der Verkäufer auch der Besitzer ist, dann ist es ein und die selber Person.)


the hints state that seller or shop assistant is the correct translation for Verkäufer. I have reported that if it will do any good. 2nd how can Verkäufer mean both shop assistant and shopkeeper. how can one tell the difference if it is the owner who owns the store or the assistant who owns the store?


Überhaupt nicht. (not at all) You have to ask for it.


This sentence is not a correct. By definition a shop assistant does not own the store.


A shop assistant is someone who can assist you in the shop (take money, bag your items). Shop owners can work their own shops still making them an assistant

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