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"Katten hoppade upp bordet."

Translation:The cat jumped up on the table.

December 1, 2015



How would one say "the cat jumped up (to) the table"?


I would have assumed from how similar they look that 'hopped' would be allowed here, but it wasn't - shall I report this? (also, should I continue to ask if unsure what to report, or report anything I think might be worthy thereof and let the people who receive the reports decide if it was worth reporting?)


Edit: This said something else originally, but "hop" is skutta in Swedish and not really interchangeable with hoppa.


If I said the cat wanted to be up on the table, would katten ville vara uppe på bordet be correct?


I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but could someone explain the differences between... "up" "uppe" and " upför" ?

  • upp is a direction, as in "going up?"
  • uppe is a location, as in e.g. being upstairs or on top of something
  • uppför is a motion, as in going up on something, e.g. some stairs or a mountain


Oh, that explains it. A great help, thanks :o)


The English is incorrect here and should be "onto". There's movement involved.


Nej, stygg kattunge!

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