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French in real life- how much words should I know?

I mean, how much words should I know to achieve some level of this language? Something like B1 or B2 in English :) plz hlp ...

January 9, 2013



Have no idea but based on this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_European_Framework_of_Reference_for_Languages you can expect to spend around 350–400 hours of effort to get to B1 and 500–600 hours to B2.


I remember my french teacher saying that I need smth like 800 words to reach B1. However, duolingo counts the forms of the words as a separate word, for instance: child counts as one, and children would be counted as well. To get an idea, In normal day life, the average french person uses 3000 words. This would be the equivalent of a C2 user. Then again, it's also how well you are able to construct correct sentences with what you know, which is not such a big problem in french but if you get to german things get more interesting. Good luck with your studies, I'll let you know in case I drop by any self assesment test.

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