"Le monde est en crise, on le sait."

Translation:The world undergoes a crisis, people know it.

January 9, 2013



Your proposed solutions all have errors in them. This is pretty close to exact: "The world is in crisis, this we know"

January 9, 2013


I like: "The world is in crisis, we know it". I agree with you that the official answer doesn't really seem to come from the French.

April 6, 2013


I took the sentence to be a response to somebody's rant...Allright, allright, the world is in crisis, we know it. ...Now what?

I guess Duo's take is more like a summary in the historical present.

The first world war starts

Millions are killed

The world undergoes a crisis, people know it.

Literature and art are changed forever.

Duo places a problematic sentence in front of students

The Green Owl swoops.

Things are back to normal.

October 10, 2014


Thanks for attempting to "de-politicize" this one. Far-left is so pervasive.

March 8, 2019


I like your answer as well, it is a better English translation of the French phrase.

September 4, 2013


Strictly speaking, "this" would require a demonstrative pronoun, e.g. on sait cela, but this isn't a terribly common turn of phrase in French.

November 1, 2013


It's bad English, a run-on sentence. It should at least have a semi-colon in there. "The world is in crisis; we know it." So, would the French really say it as Duolingo has it or would it be more like: "le monde est en crise, qu'on sait." ?

May 11, 2013


Although no one has answered my question, I have since seen a lot of sentences like this. It's very likely a perfectly valid sentence in French. But as you stated, it cannot be written in English with a comma, because that would be a comma splice.

May 11, 2013


It is indeed a valid use of punctuation in French (but I agree they should translate it with a semicolon).

November 1, 2013


"The world is in crises, it is known." How is this wrong?

August 18, 2013


I tried the same (with "in a crisis"). What a shame Game of Thrones hasn't conquered the English dictionaries yet :P

February 17, 2014


The world is in crisis so they say

May 27, 2014


What has this to do with transport?

August 15, 2018


maybe someone was trying to make up a sentence with the word "world" in it and this is the first thought that came to their mind

October 29, 2018


Why "undergoes" instead of "is." Is the French phase "est en <noun> commonly translated this way?

November 19, 2013



June 15, 2014


My guess is that the closest English would be "The world is in crisis, as we know."

June 15, 2016


How would one know to use a comma here instead of a period if this were spoken? The pause by the computer voice made me think that a period should be used. Furthermore, this is a comma splice in English and a period must be used. But I see commas used in French like this all the time.

April 18, 2013


"It is known"

October 2, 2014


la traduction n'est pas l'Anglais

October 12, 2018


"the world is in crisis" makes more sense and Google agrees

January 22, 2019


You have to use the present progressive in English to make it clear that an event is occurring at this point in time: "The world is undergoing a crisis [now, at present]."

February 4, 2019
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