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  5. "Я забыл эту дорогу."

"Я забыл эту дорогу."

Translation:I forgot this road.

December 1, 2015



Is "I forgot this way" not acceptable?


Apparently not. The hints only give "road", too. Perhaps "road" is slightly more likely, but I don't see why you can't forget a way (as in "route") just as much as a road. I've reported it.


If that's the meaning of this phrase, then "I forgot this road" is an inappropriate translation. It doesn't mean the same thing in English, at all.


How can you forget THIS road ? What do you mean ? I may forget the road to somewhere, or the road's name. This sentence is very obscure to me.


I guess it means: "Oh, thanks for reminding me to take this shortcut. I used to use this a few years ago. But then I forgot it. Now we're on the road, and I'm thanking you for reminding me" => "I forgot this road." [but now I remember it]


Super general sentence, I can see myself using it every day :-)


Can't you say "I had forgotten this road"? It seems more natural than "I forgot". "I have forgotten this road" just seems wrong, as it would be like "I don't know this road exists"!


Why is "I have forgotten that road" marked incorrect?


Can someone explain this? Still marked wrong (14/2/2021)


Why 'path' is refused to translate дорогу ?

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