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  5. "The bread is good."

"The bread is good."

Translation:O pão é bom.

January 9, 2013



ok, I'm native so let me answer that. the verb 'to be' is usually translated as 'ser/estar'. 'ser' (this tense it turns to 'é') is for something lasting. as your name. then 'my name is' becomes 'meu nome É'. and the 'estar' (here turns 'está') is for some that's happening right now. like 'i'm happy'. so you can ask: you're a happy person or you're happy right now? in portuguese we don't have this doubt. . so, in this case (the bread is good), we usualy say 'o pão ESTÁ bom'. cuz the bread is good right now. if you say that 'o pão é bom' you're sayng that any bread in any time is good. and, just between us, it's not the case.


thanks, that makes a lot of sense


Furthermore, I guess it's like saying in English... "Bread is good" (Which would sound strange) whereas we would want to say "This bread is good"


You can say "O pão está bom", but it has a different meaning. Using "está" expresses the idea that the bread is good now, in this moment. If you say that the bread "é bom" it means the bread is usually good.


when to use boa and bom ?


I read in previous comments that: boa= femenine bom=masculine


It follows the gender: Ele é um bom menino. - He's a good boy. / Ela é uma boa menina. - She's a good girl.


Bom is an adjetive used to describe masculine nouns and boa is an adjetive used to describe feminine nouns.


Confused.... What is the difference between "bem" and "boa"? And when is it appropriate to use? I put o pão é bem and got it wrong?


Bem = well (adverb)

Boa = good (adjective for feminine nouns)


Why is it "bom" not "boa" its not masculine or feminen


Because in Portuguese Pão is a substantive masculine.


How come I got it right by typing "O pan e bom"?


what SERIOUSLY that happened to you u are soooo lucky dude


When to use 'bom' and 'boa' i know that 'bom' is used for man/boy 'boa' used for woman/girl but when do you use 'boa' and 'bom' for bread/food??


The same way:

Pão = masculine, so use "bom"

Comida = feminine, so use "boa"

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