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  5. "Кто читает эту книгу?"

"Кто читает эту книгу?"

Translation:Who is reading this book?

December 1, 2015



Why do we use "эту книгу" rather than это книга ?

[deactivated user]

    Because it's an object of the sentence.

    English places the subject of the sentence before the main verb, and the direct object after the main verb.

    Russian uses different case forms for this. The subject of the sentence uses the nominative case form (э́та кни́га), while the direct object uses the accusative case form (э́ту кни́гу).


    So if I get it, what does matter here is that the action is acting on the book, so even if the subject is Кто reads it, we have to use accusative on книга. If I was saying "this book is interesting !" as there is no verb applying to book, I would use книга. That's it ?

    [deactivated user]

      Right! In 'This book is interesting" (Э́та кни́га интере́сная), 'this book' is the subject.


      Well, thanks a lot, I'm beginning to understand !


      Who does read this book. Who is reading this book. Ambas estructuras son sinónimas.


      Yes, but (at least to me as a native English speaker) the first sentence is grammatically correct but feels unnatural.


      There is a book on the table and you ask, - Who reads this book? Why - Who is reading...?


      who does read this book what is wrong ??

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      It must be accepted


      Why cant it be in the past tense as "who read this book?"?


      This very Soviet of you Duo

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