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Suggestion: better language switching.

Firstly, I am very grateful for the quality of both Duolingo and the courses, The love that is put into them really shines trough!, but, A thing that mindboggles me every time is how annoying it is to switch between courses that are based on different languages. I am a native speaker of Spanish and also I am pretty skilled in English(CEF C1), and i love language learning!

Switching between, for example Norwegian(from english) and Italian(from spanish) requires me going into a menu and changing the language I want to learn to one that has the base I'm looking for, which is very annoying. A somewhat easy fix(from my perspective) would be, when you are adding the course you agree that the interface is going to be switched to (base language), kind of how you do in mobile. And in the course selector at the top have ALL Courses you have added with litte flags for the base language, just as in the forum icons.

That would be my only complaint about the service. thank you very much.

If this post is inappropiate or something please don't be too harsh on me, i'm new to DL >

December 1, 2015



There's a script you can reach through the wiki that makes this possible very easily - I'd link it for you but the wiki tends to make my computer turn into a tortoise (super slow!). Depending on what internet browser you use it might do exactly what you need.

edit: aha, found it at its original source - https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3088922


Still, this should be native.


It should, but the fact that it's existed so long with the obvious demand and yet hasn't been implemented doesn't give much hope for it becoming so.


It also doesn't seem to have beta courses ;----;


I'm not sure what you mean. I'm doing some beta courses, and they show up when using this userscript.


It only shows courses that you have started, not all courses that exist.


I wouldn't know, but that's a shame if it's the case. Still, all betas should eventually graduate.


I know that this has been brought up many times, but the one bit I'd like to add here is that the userscript does not work on phone apps. I'm sure there are a lot of us that use duolingo primarily or even exclusively on mobile devices, and a (native) fix to this problem to make it easier to switch would be greatly appreciated. On the other hand, it's only an extra several finger clicks, so it's not so bad the way it is. Just a little annoying, and a little less fun because you can't see all of your languages in one list :).


no, its not i have the same problem and if anyone is rude to you about this there just trying to get you mad most likely ...but a lot of us have the same problem.


Well, considering that the majority of humankind is bilingual I see no reason to lock it that way. also it would be cool to be able to switch the base language on the fly. but I understand it as the trees can differ greatly.


yes,i would like that myself.to switch the base language that would be nice.


All you need is THIS userscript. Organizes all your languages for beautiful transitions


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