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What if English is not your mother tongue?

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Hello everybody. I am an Italian native speaker. For there is no French and Spanish courses for Italians in Duolingo, I started to learn these languages in the courses for English speakers. The strange thing is that when I log in Duolingo for Spanish or French in the list of my languages English is not showed at all. Not even my 1397 English words are added to the sum of the words learned on Duolingo: only French and Spanish words are added in the sum. If I log in Duolingo for English it happens the opposite: Spanish and French disappear. It's like I have a double personality: the Italian one is learning English, the English one is learning Spanish and French. Is this a desired behavior of Duolingo?

4 years ago

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You can change from Italian-English to English-Whatever by going to the flag -> More... and in the thingy which says "I want to learn [whatever] (I speak English)" change it to "Io voglio imparare l'inglese (Io parlo italiano)". You have to do the same each time you want to change. It'd be cool if it were easier.

4 years ago