"Они здесь живут."

Translation:They live here.

December 1, 2015



Does it matter if zdes' is written in front or after zhivut?

December 1, 2015


Nope. Both "Они здесь живут" and "Они живут здесь" are correct.

December 2, 2015


So, does it change the emphasis?

March 27, 2019


You guys know when to use Они живут and when to use Они проживут? Can they be used interchangeably?

August 31, 2016


живут is present tense conjugation of the verb жить. It means that at the present time, they are living (here) (or, it could mean they are still alive). проживут is the conjugation of the perfective verb прожить - since it's perfective, it will reflect a completed action in the future when conjugated like that, and I can't think of a good example to use it - it is much more common in the past tense. At any rate, they are not interchangeable.

January 12, 2017


I see. "Zhivut" is for oni (they).

July 18, 2016


Why doesn't the solution accept "They do live here", since in English it makes totally no difference?

July 6, 2018


The inclusion of "do" in English adds some subtle meaning to it, either to highlight the fact that yes, they live "here" or to specify that they live here and not somewhere else. In my opinion it is unnecessary since the Russian is straightforward. That's my American take on it, anyway (always add that since I know there are many things that have different meanings/usages here than in other parts of the Anglosphere.)

July 6, 2018
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