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Does the iOS app require a s/w update before a new language (in beta) becomes available?

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... or does this happen automatically after a certain period of time. If so, can someone give some idea of timescale for Russian (from English) to appear in the app?

I always use an iPad with Duolingo, and frankly the website does not play at all well with the iPad!

December 1, 2015



Going by past experience, yes, the app will need updating before new languages appear.
I should also like to know when; it will be nice to have iOS automatically switch keyboards, for a start.
I seem to remember that Ukrainian took several months to go to the app (I think Esperanto(?) went into beta at the same time, but got put on the app much sooner), so it might still be a while yet for Russian.

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Thank you. I suspected that might be the case, sadly, but it's good to know that it seems to be the case. The non-switching of keyboards is irritating, as is having to double-tap buttons.

Wow! Level 10 in Russia, already. I'm very impressed!

One nasty thing to be aware of, that caught me out this evening, is that when following 'discuss this sentence', if you then follow a link to another topic that someone helpfully puts up, there appears to be no way back. I was forced to restart the lesson; which, since I was very close to the end, was midly annoying to say the least. Of course, it would be good to have that feature within the app as it has proven very useful with Russian. I'm not convinced the 'report' feature actually does anything within the app.


If you want to follow a link, just open it in another tab so you won't lose your lesson.

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Ah! Good tip. Unfortunately, I didn't think of that at the time. :-(


Both going onto the app and leaving beta depend on how stable the course is. There's a threshold of reports per 100 users per day, and if memory serves, they have to stay below a given threshold for a week. I don't know what the exact numbers are and I haven't a clue how close Russian is to that threshold. Someone on the Russian team may know, I get the impression the contributors have access to that information but I'm not certain.

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Thank you, that's very interesting. I suppose it also makes a difference how much additional development work is required to release it on the app and how much is purely data-driven - and how many other languages may be at a similar stage.

Fingers crossed it happens soon.


Yeah, I have no idea about that side of things. I have a feeling I remember the Norwegian team keeping track of/telling users about their progress towards getting onto the app, if you can find that information it might give you some idea of a time frame for the Russian course??

With a bit of practice it is doable on the iPad, though with the auto switching keyboards the app becomes a lot easier to handle, though the app does tend to make things overly easy in terms of hardly any target language typing etc :-/


I think it's something like 3/100 reports per day, from digging in the back of my mind.

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