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  5. "Fui al cine con mi hermano."

"Fui al cine con mi hermano."

Translation:I went to the movie theater with my brother.

December 1, 2013



I went to the movie with my brother. ( Is this incorrect?)


Apparently. I would assume there is no plural version of this word in spanish then as well?


I wrote the same and reported it. Duo suggested movies plural


It's being picky about your English I think. Movie as in, the actual moving pictures that you watch, is 'película', where as, the theater you watch the movie in is 'el cine'. In English (where I live in the States at least), we often say 'the movies' when talking about the theater itself. So it will accept 'movie theater' singular or 'movies' plural, but not 'movie' by itself.


True if you are talking about I went to the movie theatre to watch any movie(s) in general. What if we talk about THE/THAT movie (say Spider Man), I went to (see) that movie. You could not fault people for such situation. Don't tell me you never had a movie in mind when going to the theatre.


I went to the "theater" with my brother. That sounds wrong?


that sounds like a live performance not a movie

[deactivated user]

    the movie is correct as well. but duolingo counted as incorrect


    I'm not going to see more than one movie at a time unless it is a double feature. I don't see why The Movie is not accepted either.


    I was happy that DL accepted "movies".


    Come on! "I went to the theater with my brother" should be accepted! I hear it all the time; movie theater is basically redundant since the other theater is 9000 times less popular.


    i translated this sentence as " I was at the movie theater with my brother " could " Fui al " not be " i was at the "??


    No, that would be "Estaba en el/la" or "Estuve en el/la." You have to use "estar" with locations. "Fui" comes from "ser."


    ah! thanks! didnt even think about that. and it would be estaba ( if it was "WAS" )in this sentence because its just a general time right?


    Fui fuiste fue fuimos fuesteis fuieron also comes from the verb ir in the past tense.


    ...fuisteis fueron.


    Huh? I thought that cine = theater. Am I wrong? I mean theater is for movies, theatre is for shows, right?


    Technically there is no grammatical difference. "Theater" is just how we spell it in America. Most other English speaking countries spell it "theatre."

    However, when you do see it spelled "theatre" here in the US it is usually attached to the arts (a play, an orchestra, etc). This isn't a rule, it's just the venue's way of sounding more artistic. Basically, whenever an American wants to sound "fancy" or more formal we start phrasing things the way Brits do. :)


    'Cinema' got accepted and sounds better.


    Ok, so I like to push the limits with this site to see what it will accept. I put "I went to the THEATER with my brother" instead of "I went to the MOVIE THEATER with my brother". It was counted wrong. Is really that inaccurate?


    I was at the theater with my brother was accepted, but should it be wrong?


    If "estar" is used for locations, wouldn't "estuve" be used here?


    I went to the movie with my brother Marked wrong??? Duo suggested it should be plural?


    I'm pretty sure I'm correct when I say, I went to the movie...


    that is american , not english . we never use movie


    I went to the cinema with my brother is incorrect?


    The answer is just, ¨I went to the movie theater with my brother.¨

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