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  5. "Это очень вкусный салат."

"Это очень вкусный салат."

Translation:It is a very tasty salad.

December 1, 2015



This salad is absolutely delicious. Why was this incorrect? A suggestion was "This is absolutely delicious salad", which to me sounds unnatural.


I think your sentence would be more like "этот салат очень вкусный"


The English translation is wrong: You don't say "This is an delicious salad", you say "This is a delicious salad"


As an English speaker "It is a very tasty salad" sounds super unnatural to me... I have honestly never heard anyone say that, so I put "The salad is very tasty" and that's wrong. Why?


"this salad is really tasty" is a bad translation or just wrong english?


Sounds good to me


They don't like when we put "really" for очень, unfortunately...wish they would, though, since really and very are virtually identical in usage. Report it, please. I have been.


"This salad is very delicious" was wrong.


'Very delicious' is bad English. Using 'very' with adjectives which already have a superlative sense to them (eg. excellent, delicious, fantastic) is unidiomatic, although not strictly wrong grammatically.


I can understand why "very excellent/ fantastic" would sound weird. But "very delicious" is bad English, seriously?? Sounds very far-fetched (oops I did it again!) to me :D


This sentence is very appropriate at the moment, as I have just made винигрет for the first time in a couple of years, and I'm letting it marinate. I'm really looking forward to it. Винигрет - очень вкусный русский салат! :-)


And unusually for russian salads it has no Mayo!


винигрет what does it mean?


Vinaigrette(винЕгрет) is a specific type of salad with a specific recipe. Ingredients: boiled beets, carrots and potatoes, pickles and sauerkraut, onions or green, all in about equal volumes, only onions a little more than other vegetables, and a little less carrots. Classic Russian vinaigrette necessarily includes a chopped steep egg and a little herring (in this case, sauerkraut is not used, and the number of potatoes and onions increases). Everything is seasoned with a mixture of three percent vinegar, vegetable oil, salt and black pepper


when do you use <ы> and when do you use <и> in masculine nominative adjectives?


isn't "this is" a better translation here than "it is" ?


They are accepting the word "delicious" but they keep pointing out that another translation is "tasty" -- why this insistence on "tasty" -- I'm a native speaker of American English and I never say that. I say delicious or good or yummy.


Tasty is just another synonym. I'd say it's register is between that of yummy and delicious.


It has been so drilled into my head to not use the word very that using it for очень just feels weird, even though it's correct.


I said "This is a very yummy salad" and I was marked wrong even though Duolingo would accept yummy for вкусный in other questions. Yummy is synonymous with tasty/delicious.

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