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Memrise Membus Kickstarter

I didn't know if our community had seen this kickstarter - it's a really interesting project from Memrise - a bus tour to film video dictionaries in as many languages as possible. They have already met their basic goal and will film dictionaries for English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. They recently determined they will take an additional Northern route through the Netherlands, Scandinavia, the Baltics, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

I've already backed as it looks like a really interesting idea and certainly something that might help a lot of people. I hope it goes as far as possible because they plan to cover some really great languages. Additionally all their currently covered languages are on Duolingo (the original languages) and the next 4 languages are on Duolingo through the incubator (Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish).

The link is below for anyone interested.


December 1, 2015



Thank you for sharing this! I had heard about it, but I was not aware of their additional route. It'll be really cool if they can get enough donations to cover some of those Finnic Baltic languages, they seem to be left out of language learning platforms quite often.


they seem to be left out of language learning platforms quite often.

Exhibit A...


Jippii !! Siinä listassa on suomi!


They've now funded Dutch... It's now the turn for Danish..... (here's to hoping, such a difficult language to pronounce!)


If anyone is interested in a "Lifetime Subscription to Memrise Pro" ... it is currently a pledge reward (contribution of £100). Normally a year is $59.


There are lots of other platforms like Rosetta Stone, Hellotalk, Ohbuz, Tinycards, etc.


I had seen this, but thanks for sharing with other people. It does look a really interesting project, looking forward to seeing what they make.

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