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Why does Duolingo lock the alphabet switch after answering a question?

I don't understand why I'm not allowed to toggle the alphabet after a question has been answered. The easiest way I'm finding to learn the alphabet is simply through exposure, but if I opt to answer a voice prompt in Cyrillic and get it wrong, locking the correct answer to only display in Cyrillic isn't helping me to understand what I misheard.

December 1, 2015



I can't tell you why it was programmed like that but if you want to see a phonetic spelling, simply copy the phrase into google translate. You'll be able to see a transliterated spelling of the Cyrillic, just make sure the "Ä" button is selected.


Also, Google has its own TTS engine, and it's usually better to hear the same phrase pronounced by two speakers, even if both are robots.


Although I appreciate it, it's not a matter of resources, it's a matter of learning style.

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