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E Komo Mai

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E Komo Mai, Welcome! I haven't been posting my translations in a while... so I decided to get back on! :) I heard from my friends learning Spanish and/or French at school that it was hard to remember the accents. Speaking Hawaiian starting at a young age, putting accents on words have become second nature. But, I realized how hard it can be for people to remember to put accents on words. Especially when a language (Hawaiian), has a lot of accents. Hau‘oli lā Ho‘omana‘o, this word means Happy Anniversary. It is a perfect example because it has these marks ‘, which are different from these marks ' ( the apostrophe ). Try to compare them, ‘ '

I will try to get back on soon :). Put in the comments requests about anything you would like to learn about Hawaiian! - SportsOcean

2 years ago