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  5. "What month is it now?"

"What month is it now?"

Translation:Какой сейчас месяц?

December 1, 2015



Does какой месяц сейчас sound strange to a native speaker?


I don't know, but 'сейчас' is an adverb and adverbs go in front of the thing they modify.


In English they do are you sure this is true for Russian? I don't know I'm just asking.


No, I'm not sure. When I originally posted that I had a good source, which I can't find now. This is the best I could find from my phone, and it says it's usually true http://masterrussian.com/adverbs/introduction.htm


‘Which now month’?...


I wrote Что сейчас масяц and it was wrong. This seems to contradict the following from Duolingo regarding какой Что
Какой - it's the question of quality properties. Какой сегодня день? - What day is today? Какая сегодня погода? - What is the weather today?

Что - it's interrogative or union word is used in the formulation of the general question of the object, phenomenon, action in matters of inanimate subjects. Что случилось? - What happened? Я знаю, что он уже был там. - I know that he was there. Мы видим, что за этим кроется. - We see what lies behind it. Что сто́ит? - How much is?


Why is Теперь wrong?


теперь is probably a better choice (but Duolingo may not be programmed to accept it).

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