"What month is it now?"

Translation:Какой сейчас месяц?

December 1, 2015

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We can't write сейчас какой месяц?


Does какой месяц сейчас sound strange to a native speaker?


I don't know, but 'сейчас' is an adverb and adverbs go in front of the thing they modify.


In English they do are you sure this is true for Russian? I don't know I'm just asking.


No, I'm not sure. When I originally posted that I had a good source, which I can't find now. This is the best I could find from my phone, and it says it's usually true http://masterrussian.com/adverbs/introduction.htm


I wrote Что сейчас масяц and it was wrong. This seems to contradict the following from Duolingo regarding какой Что
Какой - it's the question of quality properties. Какой сегодня день? - What day is today? Какая сегодня погода? - What is the weather today?

Что - it's interrogative or union word is used in the formulation of the general question of the object, phenomenon, action in matters of inanimate subjects. Что случилось? - What happened? Я знаю, что он уже был там. - I know that he was there. Мы видим, что за этим кроется. - We see what lies behind it. Что сто́ит? - How much is?


какой also mean which, maybe it just like 'welche' in German, there are few possible answer, asking which one is correct?


‘Which now month’?...


Why is Теперь wrong?


теперь is probably a better choice (but Duolingo may not be programmed to accept it).

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