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dersom, om, i fall, hvis

Can these be used interchangeably?

December 1, 2015

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As subordinate conjunctions, meaning "if", "hvis", "om", and "dersom" are largely interchangeable:

"[Hvis/Dersom/Om] du spør, så svarer jeg."
"If you ask, I will answer".

In sentences where "if" means or can be replaced by "whether", "om" is the correct translation:

"Hun spurte meg om jeg snakket norsk."
"She asked me [if/whether] I spoke Norwegian."

"I fall" is a bit trickier to use, and often translates better as "in case" than as "if".

Several of the words have other functions, in which they would not be interchangeable; "om" is also a preposition, and "hvis" is a pronoun.

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