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Feature request: Prompt before leaving the practice page

I think this is generally a good idea to have, so users don't accidentally lose their progress in the current exercise. Also it's pretty easy to accomplish on JS side (should just be an onbeforereaload" iirc). And it could be configurable, if it's annoying for some.

I'm asking because I lost my progress a couple of times like this: For the russian course I have to switch my keyboard layout now and then. I'm doing so, by pressing alt+shift. This sometimes leads to leaving the input field because of the "alt" key. When then typing to check whether the change was successful, I type random keys and correct them with backspace. But since I'm not in the input field, the backspace leads to going to the previous page.

I guess this a rather peculiar case, but there are probably others, which are more common.

December 2, 2015



This seems like something which needs to be addressed to Duolingo rafher than to the Russian team.


You're right. I did not write a e-mail tho, because I'm not sure whether it's just me needing this feature and so I wanted some feedback on it. In the discussion area i had to choose a "course" for my thread. Since I had the problem when learning russian, I thought this might be the best place.


There's a troubleshooting forum and also a general Duolingo forum, for future reference :)

The problem with posting here is mostly that no one here has the power to help you. The Russian team created and moderates the course, but they have no power over general features of Duolingo that are part of its inbuilt structure.


Are you not subscribed to the Duolingo forum? That would be the better place.


If I am, I didn't see it. I'll look again, thanks :)


Good idea! I use the mobile version for learning, but still I think it's a good idea.


My computer actually does pop up a message asking if I'm sure I want to leave this page, and always has. That might just be my computer settings, though, and I have no idea how to set it up that way if it is.

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